Friday, October 6

Today was pretty ordinary. I helped open the VC and then sat waiting to help visitors. During this time, I flipped through and organized my SCA handbook, park information sheets, and park employee information into a big binder. I gave visitors more information about the hiking trails, things to see in the park, and even gave a little girl a Junior Ranger book. Pretty sure the mom was more interested than the kid.

At some point during the day, Andy showed me a page in the "50 Common Southwest Insects" book that we sell at the VC. The tarantula hawk wasp. He had been describing this to me earlier. We both agree, this is the most cruel creature alive behind humans. The wasp attacks a tarantula, paralyzes it, carries it back and lays an egg on it. The larvae are born and eat the insides of the tarantula to grow. Now here is the WORST part: they actively avoid eating the tarantula's vital organs in order to keep the tarantula alive as long as possible, as it helps their growth. Goodness gracious.

I went back home and for some reason feel really tired. Tomorrow I go to visit Saguaro National Park, which I'm super excited about! Now I'm gonna sleep.

Also: no mice caught, and no mice heard. 

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