Sunday, October 8

Two weeks here, and it has been wonderful.

Today I was planning to join along for a weekend tour of Faraway Ranch (in the park) so I could learn more about it, but I got distracted by something. What was that something? Why, cleaning, of course!

Sometimes the amount that I compulsively clean things weirds me out. But in having a residence to myself, I want to ensure it's all clean just the way I like. I removed cobwebs, dusted off the ceiling fans, washed all the windows, washed some of the couch covers, and just kinda wiped everything down. This consumed my day and I was just fine with that. 

Andy and I were scheduled to attend Ann's evening program about the Buffalo Soldiers in the campground amphitheater. We took the nice hike from the VC to Bonita Canyon Campground, where we waited. There are several high school students here for the beginning of their youth summit, so the small amphitheater was full. It was a very interesting 101 on the Buffalo Soldiers who lived here, who they were, and how they lived.

From the campground, I looked up at the stars, and it was UNBELIEVABLE. The clearest night sky I've ever seen. The Milky Way is right there, in your face, stretching across the entire sky. I drove up to Massai Point and Andy tagged along to get a view from up there. We saw the beginning of the moon rise. 

I would love to develop an interpretive program like Ann's myself, and I have some ideas. I will elaborate on that in another entry.

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