Monday, October 9

Today, we got to meet with students enjoying an annual Youth Summit! Around 15 high school students are selected to spend a week exploring southern Arizona NPS sites, and help with some projects in the parks. They will spend two nights each at: Chiricahua, Coronado, Tumacacori National Historical Park, and Saguaro National Park. They were at Chiricahua first!

We got to the top and they completed the Massai Nature Trail, with Suzanne being our interpretive guide. She gave us all rocks and told us to make some observations about them, later describing that they were all rhyolite. We drove down to the Echo Canyon trailhead to do the 5.5 mile hike from Echo Canyon to the VC. This is the very first hike I did in the park, so I'm familiar with it. Suzanne left back for the VC, so Andy and I helped to assist Kim (from Coronado), Melanie (from Tumacacori), and Jackie (from Saguaro) along the hike. Andy and I got to describe various things to be aware of and potential hazards on the trail. I got to be the leader as well! Andy got to be the caboose.

We all hiked along and we were challenged to get to know five facts about someone we hadn't talked to. I talked with Tristan and Ari. I'm too tired to remember all the details. Later, I spoke with a girl named Ariala, who seems like a really awesome girl. Andy and I also got to kinda "pitch" SCA to all the students. We completed the hike without any complications, right on time! I was told everyone appreciated my good pacing.

Tomorrow they go to Coronado, and Andy and I get to tag along. We are doing a service project in the Coronado Cave. Leaving pretty early tomorrow. Also, I'm just really really tired from today. Exhausting, but I always love a good hike. We saw a coatimundi on the hike but I'm too tired to upload pics right now.

P.S. The Arizonans pronounce saguaro "suh-war-o" so I will take on their example.

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