Wednesday, October 11

Today was a day on the move. As soon as I got to the VC, I saw that Suzanne had left us a note for a project. There were a bunch of bear notices - basically telling folks to keep food stored, "a fed bear is a dead bear," etc. We were to trim them, laminate them, and then put on every picnic table in the park. I went to work on getting that done.

The hiker shuttle was full today, so we made a second run at 9:45. Andy drove the first van, and I took the second and brought the notices along with me. I stopped at every picnic area and taped the notices on. It got pretty toasty at one point and I was pretty sweaty. I got back to the VC and was told I should also put them on campground tables as well (I had been told that morning not to), so I went and did that. This project took up more than half of my day.

I returned to the VC and immediately went for my lunch break. Upon returning, I learned that the VC was incredibly busy today. I helped staff the desk for the remainder of the day. At a certain point, I came up upon this German couple that could only understand about 50% of what I was saying. They were trying to reserve a campsite for their second night. Not even understanding the campground policy in full quite yet, it was a recipe for confusion. Luckily, Karen and later Ann helped deal with what they needed. Now I know for the future!

Once things calmed down, Ann asked me about what I wanted to do. I told her my idea for a program or talk on altitude and how it creates such a variety in the park (this is so fun to explain to folks). She said that that would be fantastic, and referred me to a book in the staff library that I checked out: "Islands in the Desert." Chiricahua also got an Instagram account today, something which I had been wanting! Follow @chiricahua_nps!

I certified FIVE junior rangers today and one kid interviewed me for her "Interview a Park Ranger" page. It was really fun. I received a care package from my grandma including lots of Halloween goodies, so that definitely brightened my day!

I still haven't received my uniform. Or my PIV (U.S. Government access) card notice. Sometimes I wonder if the top folks know I'm here!

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