Thursday, October 12

Haha, so last night something happened! Not mice, but something that really got me spooked. I was about to head off to sleep, lights off, in bed, when I heard a very loud alarm (which I assumed to be the smoke detector) go off for a solid 7 seconds. This FREAKED me out. I could also hear the alarm echoing in the main room. I immediately got frantic and as I was about to open the door to my room, it stopped. I checked the main room and kitchen. Silent, everything was off, nothing. I waited up an extra hour, nervous, but eventually fell asleep.

In the morning, I asked Libby about possible schedule changes and days off, which she was very flexible with. Andy had to drive the van into Willcox to get the oil checked and to pass out fliers for our upcoming "Night Sky Party." I hung around the VC with Ann for a little while, then she told me I could go and hike the Sugarloaf Mountain trail, which I hadn't done yet.

I drove up and started on the trail. It's really short and relatively easy, but is definitely an uphill trek. At the top, I got wonderful views from the highest point in the park, at 7,310'. I came upon a couple up at the top and we had some fun talking. They were from Alaska! I made my way back down. All this took about an hour and a half. I drove back to the VC and had to delay my lunch a little bit because the VC was incredibly busy. Eventually, after my lunch break, there was a period of time where I would be running the VC completely by myself as Ann took her lunch.

Of course, as soon as I was all alone running the VC, the flood of folks came in! Five kids total came during this hour to be a junior ranger. I felt a little bad for the folks waiting in line for hiking tips, park questions, and to purchase items, but it was all I could do. I will never rush the junior ranger certification process! Andy got back and purchased some of the prickly pear gummy candies that are for sale and let me have some. They are GOOD. Finally, Libby came out and told me that I had some good news - my fingerprints and background checks have cleared, and they are currently working on printing out my PIV card!

I went back home and hung around. Tried to investigate my smoke detectors, but I was rather inconclusive. I will ask my mom about this when we have our phone call. Then I did some laundry. Because that's what I do.

P.S. I have bravely entered into world of SUNGLASSES. While at Coronado earlier this week, there was a nice pair that didn't wash out all the color. 

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