Friday, October 13

Today was nice, and pretty uneventful. I had a half day because we had been scheduled to attend Ann's evening program Sunday night. They are so fair and considerate here regarding making sure you have adequate time off.

Andy took the morning shift, and I took the afternoon. I staffed the VC and certified two more junior rangers. During this time, I got to talk to our new permanent interpretive ranger Theresa. She is pretty awesome! We discussed how she was an SCA (4th Chir ranger who was previously an SCA!!) and served in Alaska! I got to show her how to use the cash register and the radio. She is from New Mexico and has worked at many NPS sites. I really like how fun she is.

I went home and looked at ticket prices from Tucson, AZ to Jackson, MS. I have a four day weekend coming up (Oct 26-29), so I am visiting a couple best friends, Will (boyfriend) and Sara! Unfortunately, ticket prices had increased $200 from Thursday to today. So I went ahead and bought my first plane ticket using 100% my own money. This southern trip is happening, disaster or not!

Fun Fact: Ann said she is planning to have a Halloween Party on Halloween! This is great, I was wanting to do something this year!

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