Saturday, October 14

Today was fun, as I got to return to Saguaro National Park!

Saguaro is a park with two "districts." One is east of Tucson and the other is west of Tucson. Last week, I had gone to the east side (Rincon Mountain District) because it was closer. This time, I went to the west side (Tucson Mountain District). 

Libby invited me and Andy to attend the graduation ceremony of the Southern Arizona Youth Outdoor Summit (#SAYOS2017) kids. These were the students we had spent Monday and Tuesday with, hiking Chiricahua and removing cave graffiti at Coronado. Andy and I left and drove, talking about music much of the time. As we approached the park, I noticed that there were significantly more cacti on this side than on the east. They were EVERYWHERE. We entered the park and stopped by the VC. The staffer at the desk asked if I liked Chiricahua (he noticed my hat) and I got to talk to him about how I had just started working there!

Andy and I arrived about a half hour before the students did, so we kinda moseyed around the trail by the VC and looked at the various cacti. We eventually went inside to the auditorium room, where the kids got to explain in detail each of the four parks they visited that week (Chiricahua, Coronado, Tumacacori, Saguaro). Then they featured a slideshow of all their fun adventures, many of which I was in (a pleasant change from other slideshows I've watched in recent history coughhoodcollegecough)! I really want to find those photos if I can, they are pretty great.Many people attended. I saw our superintendent Allen, Libby, and other chief interp rangers. We congratulated the kids and we said goodbye. 

As we left, Andy and I decided to do the scenic drive around and do a quick trail to see some native petroglyphs. I got to finally pose with a cactus, and eventually I sought one out that was about my age and sat next to it for a picture. I prefer the west side of this park. The east is amazing, though.

We drove a while back, stopped at Safeway and Texaco, and then made it back.

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