Sunday, October 15

Three weeks here and it's fine as ever!

I decided to do my weekly cleaning routine, and this time decided to take a crack at better deep cleaning my shower. I got a lot spot cleaned, but I still need to remove the mold stains. I am currently experimenting with ways to do this. I just really want to take a bath.

While doing this I started to hear some weird noise coming from the main room (my bathroom fan was on), and it turned out someone was opening the door. A girl named Joanna came in, and she'll be spending the night with me tonight! She is a member of the trail crew around here, and usually they camp out every night. We chatted some, and she is from Montana! She seemed pretty awesome. I went back to finishing my cleaning job for that day. My dad called and we had a wonderful phone call! After that, I made some dinner and hung around before winding down.

No rattlesnakes spotted yet. I'm probably going to find one when I'm not looking out for one (which is always).

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