Monday, October 16

Beginning week four. My uniform still isn't here. No word for more than a week and half. :/

Suzanne is on her annual leave, so it was just Andy and me and Karen in the back. Some hikers came in to sign up for the shuttle, and while chatting I discovered that this couple had climbed Mount Elbert! They had also hiked 500 or so miles of the Appalachian Trail. They had some...comments about it that I feel would offend some of my friends. :l They wanted to reach the high point in every single state. I think this is a possible goal I can set for myself someday, possibly! (Don't worry I'm not gonna go run into Denali anytime soon)

Anyway, I took six hikers up in the shuttle and returned. Today went relatively slowly. I just helped staff the VC all day. For some reason, I was feeling easily irked, and I wasn't sure why. The day ended and I went back to my house. I was determined to try another method to remove the mold in my shower...and am now in a situation where I must leave it alone all night and not shower. I hope it goes away! Then I made some cookies.

At some point here, I will discuss my goals for the next few weeks and the ideas I have for some programs. Suzanne will be able to talk to me and help me set this up, so I have been waiting for her to get back. I would love to develop my own evening program, and maybe later expand it to a junior ranger activity or something. Right now, I am most curious about explaining altitude and how it affects the various wildlife and surrounding habitat. That fascinates me and I can explain it pretty well already.

Tested my rattlesnake identification skills today using some photos that we keep in the VC desk. Was able to accurately name all of them. Being able to identify in the wild, though, is quite different I'm sure.

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