Tuesday, October 17

Today we had our first All-Employee Meeting! This was actually pretty neat.

I drove the hiking shuttle and made it down to headquarters for the meeting. In there were nearly all employees from the three parks. Superintendent Allen didn't like how new people were always put on the spot, so instead everyone in the room said their name and title. I got to meet members of the trail crew, who are just a little older than I am. One guy introduced himself as the SCA intern at Fort Bowie. I wonder who he is, considering CHIR and FOBO employees interchange a lot.

Many various awards were given out, including to someone who provided vital assistance during a physical assault on a park ranger back in 2013. People were awarded for hard work, going above and beyond, and dealing with situations beyond what was required. It was mentioned that Chris Bentley, interpretive ranger at Coronado that I met last week, won some kind of award for excellence in interpretation for the ENTIRE Intermountain Region! This includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, more -- a ton of big national parks, and Chris won the award. Apparently he goes forward and is a candidate for the national award. How awesome! I really need to find out what this award is called.

We went over a lot of relevant business. We will be receiving various trainings on how to react to various emergencies, as sometimes a non LE (Law Enforcement) ranger will be the one closest to the scene. We discussed things that had happened in the parks recently as well as upcoming events. Libby mentioned that apparently we did a visitor survey back in March to see how well visitors understood the purpose of the park. All three parks got EXCELLENT scores, much higher than a lot of the big national parks as well. We went over basic safety and all employees got a free hydroflask with the NPS arrowhead and "SAFETY FIRST" on it! SUPER awesome.The various natural resources staff and scientists/archaeologists reviewed their current and upcoming projects in the park, including restoration of Faraway Ranch infrastructure, removal of invasive species, and more. Allen wrapped it up by giving a statement on sexual harassment and how it will not ever be tolerated in SEAZ.

I got my mail and found several things from my Aunt Laura and Uncle Jon! It was exciting!

I went back to the VC and hung around. Eventually, I went to the staff library to do some browsing of relevant books to my interest in altitude. I checked out "Mountain Islands and Desert Seas" and started taking notes. My goal is to get a basic grasp of how ecosystems and conditions change with altitude here in Southeast Arizona. I want to try to get a pretty good understanding of this before I propose it to Suzanne as an official idea.

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