Thursday, October 19


Andy and I left early to make it to the Fort Bowie trailhead. We were to help Amy with a school group that day. When we arrived, the group was already there, ready. They were 5th and 6th graders from Animas, New Mexico. Andy and I greeted the adults, and I noticed one of the teachers had a Colorado shirt on. He was from Colorado! The best part was - I feel like he was even more excited to meet me than I him - he called over and was like, "She's a Coloradan!" to other staff. Happy happy happy!

Amy arrived and we began the hike in. I was the sweep so I followed behind the group. Amy stopped many times to explain historical things, and I tried to take mental notes. Once we reached Apache Spring, I found out that there was a RATTLESNAKE on the other side of the small creek!!! I looked and saw it, moving slowly, up the hill. I FINALLY SAW ONE! YAY! There were murmurs that it was a Western Diamondback, but I thought it was Black-Tailed, due to me not seeing the zebra striped tail. It was relatively distant, though, so I didn't want to give incorrect info. Later confirmed that it was a black-tailed. I've included a horrible quality photo for your viewing pleasure. The snake was very well camouflaged!

In other news, wasps. I'm told of course, "don't bother them, they won't bother you." THIS IS INCORRECT. I was just hiking along the trail, and this huge wasp decides to just hang around my head. I stay suuuper still (while walking) and keep telling myself that "it'll go away, it'll go away, it'll go away," but it kept landing on my head and flying around my head. After like 45 seconds of this I finally just ran and swatted. WHY DO THEY LIKE ME. WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT MY HAT.

We made it to the VC, had lunch, and Amy did a cannon demonstration with some of the kids (obviously no live firing). They all left and I spent a lot of time reading over park literature. The kids were asking me a lot of questions that day, and I unfortunately really just didn't have the answer. This was my second time to Fort Bowie, and naturally with a historical park/site, there are lots of specific facts and details surrounding the area. I will get better at this.

Amy talked about some creative programs she had been thinking of. She wanted to develop a night program, do some interpretive acting (I let her know I liked to act), and improve the social media (I let her know I could help, FOBO should get an instagram). She said it would be awesome if Andy and I could come to FOBO twice a week, so we could all work on a project. I will propose this to Libby!

It was a long day, and while we were helping to take down the very large flag, they played Taps. It was official and pretty cool. Amy drove us back to the trailhead, and Andy and I made it back to Chiricahua.

Funny Note: Amy asked the kids, "What do you think it would be like for the east coast people traveling through this area for the first time?" and a kid answered, "Scary because they're not used to the tall mountains?"

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