Friday, October 20

Morning started out as usual, I took the shuttle up to the top and had some fun conversations with the hikers. Andy had today off, but I am working a couple extra days so I can have my long weekend next weekend. When I got back, I had a conversation with one of our maintenance guys, Ruben, about his history in the park service. He said that he had worked at YELLOWSTONE, Grand Canyon, Sequoia/Kings, and Glen Canyon NRA. He said that despite the occasional disorganization and instability with government funding, it is well worth working in NPS. He told me that I should definitely stay working in the park service.

Ann told me that she and Libby had a discussion yesterday about some program ideas. Libby apparently wants a program around the sky islands concept and what they are. Ann let Libby know that I was definitely interested in pursuing that! It was kinda funny that Libby wanted a program exactly like the one I was planning on developing. Exciting! I told Ann I had spent most of Wednesday doing research on the sky islands and how altitude affects the various biotic communities. I asked what the next steps were to developing a program, and she referred me to a couple of free online courses to get familiar with interpretive programs. She also handed me outlines of programs she developed at Organ Pipe Cactus NM and Capitol Reef NP as an SCA intern herself. She also gave me a book to check out: "Handles: A Compendium of Interpretive Techniques to Help Visitors Grasp Resource Meanings." The next few days in the VC I will definitely be looking at this as my next project.

Libby came by and gave me my Active Minds bracelet that I had lost at Coronado. Kim said a kid from a school group found it in the cave! I had thought I lost it! This was great! She also kinda gave me her ideas on programs, and I let her know that I had been doing research on how elevation change affects various things here on the Chiricahua sky island. I also asked about the concept of a guided hike, which she said I could discuss with shuttle hikers to kinda gauge potential interest. 

A few moments later, Libby came back from the office with a beaming smile carrying a box. UNIFORM HAS ARRIVED! I opened it and looked at all the goodies. I got: three polo shirts, one t-shirt, two long sleeved t-shirts, a fleece jacket, a bandana, a water bottle, a hat, two SCA stickers, and a NAME TAG. Time to get OFFICIAL!

Still waiting on my government ID card. At least I know my background checks have cleared and that the card is in the process of "printing." Having this card will let me finally be able to log onto the computers to do business, and have access to my email address!

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