Thursday, September 28

Today I got to see the second site of the SEAZ parks: Fort Bowie National Historic Site! This site is famous for its use by the Americans against the Chiricahua Apache Native Americans in the 19th century. Geronimo was prisoned there for a time.

I woke up, packed my lunch, and headed to the VC. There I ran into Ann, who I had never been actively working alongside. We chatted a little bit as we opened up the VC. Andy arrived, and we went to go get the government Ford Focus we would be using to drive to the site. I drove first.

We left and drove around a half hour to get to Fort Bowie (pronounced boo-wee). We saw some turkey vultures in the road feeding on roadkill. Andy and I had a good discussion, but I forget about what. FoBo is a hike-in site. We arrived at the trailhead, which had maps of the park and a description. You had to hike a 1.5 mile trail to get to the VC. At the trailhead we met up with Danny, one of the new Law Enforcement rangers in the park. We were supposed to also meet up with Amy, the interpretive ranger at FoBo, but after a half hour, the three of us decided to hike on up.

It's a nice little hike. Along the hike there are historical highlights and ruins, along with descriptions. You get to see the Apache Spring, which is what all the fighting in and around FoBo was intended to protect. The three of us had some nice conversations about Danny's previous jobs and then about bugs. There were bugs everywhere. We stopped to look at all of the trail description markers. At one point, I was a little bit ahead of the group and I stumbled upon two javelinas in a shady area a little off the trail. I had never seen one before! They are LIKE pigs, but are NOT pigs. They are dark colored. I got a picture but when Danny and Andy caught up, they had moved on. I also saw another Arizona white-tailed deer.

We made it to the VC and met Amy, who was really friendly and nice. She gave us a little tour of the site and explained things of significance. Along the trail, we saw lots of huge wasps. And they kept following me. It must be my sunscreen I guess. I kinda jumped every time one just BUZZED RIGHT AROUND ME! I realized I wouldn't be able to do such a thing while potentially giving tours to guests. I tried to stand completely still, but they wouldn't go away. They're BIG.

We finished the tour, ate our lunch, and I purchased a t-shirt (moisture wicking!) and a magnet. Andy and I hiked back to the car, and headed into Willcox to fill up on gas. We went to Texaco. Afterward, we stopped at the DQ that is extremely tempting on the road back to Chiricahua. It was fun. We arrived back at the VC, and Libby gave us more details about our weekend. Tomorrow, we are heading off to Coronado National Memorial! It'll be pretty exciting. I still don't have my uniform, so Libby gave me a cool SEAZ shirt in the meantime.

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