Monday, October 2

I woke up to the horrific news about what happened in Vegas and it put me in a very low mood starting out the day. I'm angry, sad, and frustrated. And I won't get too much more political here.

I had Kix and went to the VC. Today, I got to drive the 15 passenger van hiking shuttle! We were taking three hikers up to Massai Point, and Andy was gonna ride along. It's pretty cool driving that van. I am officially a (fancy voice) *chauffeur*.

Suzanne recommended Andy and I take the half mile Massai Nature Trail to start our day off. I hadn't been on this trail yet. It's a nice little trail featuring informational signs about the landscape. Lots of gorgeous views from up here. This park just seems to get cooler and cooler. Along the trail, we saw a snake, which we later identified as an Eastern patch-nosed snake.

I went back to the VC and officially got my RADIO! Suzanne briefed me on the radio etiquette, functions of it, and when to use it. I'm glad I have this, because there is no cell service in the park if I needed emergency help. Now I am able to communicate if I need to. Just the other day I was thinking about what I would do if I happened to get bit by a rattlesnake while hiking. Having a radio would greatly increase how well this situation could turn out. I won't rely on my radio, but it's great having one now.

I got more accustomed to using the cash register, and I started answering VC phone calls ("Chiricahua National Monument, this is Kaylene, how can I help you?"). The rest of the day Andy and I talked with visitors and read supplemental materials when visitors weren't needing assistance. Oh, also today I also learned half-staff custom on the flag we raise every morning and take down every evening. We got to meet Karl, head of facilities, who was very outgoing and told us to let him know about ANY problem we may need assistance with.

This week, I also get two guests in my house. Two young women are coming from Tucson to complete a water project at Bonita campground. I made sure the house was clean (basically didn't need to do anything), and greeted them when they arrived. They are pretty "chill!"

Still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my uniform and my government card.

As I started to write this post, I looked over at SCA's feed and saw the name Suzanne Moody. SCA posted a feature article about her, her job, Chiricahua, and her history as an SCA intern! So exciting seeing my park/ranger represented on the main page, especially at the beginning of my time here! Check out the article:

My thoughts are with everyone affected in Las Vegas. My heart aches. But thoughts and prayers are not enough. Not at all.

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