I realized for new people following they may want to know a quick review of who's who that I mention:


Andy - the other interpretive SCA intern, in my exact position

Suzanne/Ann/Theresa - interpretive park rangers at Chiricahua

Libby - my supervisor; chief of interpretation of all three SEAZ parks

Amy - main interpretive park ranger at Fort Bowie

Kim/Chris - interpretive park rangers at Coronado

Karen - manager of the visitor center store at Chiricahua

Victoria - works to run the Chiricahua visitor center store on weekends

Danny - main law enforcement park ranger at Chiricahua and Fort Bowie

Allen - superintendent of all three SEAZ parks

Karl - main maintenance worker at Chiricahua

Claire - Americorps geology intern primarily at Coronado

Mike/Kristina/Helen - natural resource management at Chiricahua


SCA - Student Conservation Association

VC - Visitor Center

LE - Law Enforcement

Interp - Interpretive/Interpretation

SEAZ - Southeast Arizona

Chir - Chiricahua National Monument

FoBo - Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Coro - Coronado National Memorial

NP - National Park

NM - National Monument

NHS - National Historic Site

NMem - National Memorial

DOI - Department of the Interior

WNPA - Western National Parks Association

AZCC - Arizona Conservation Corps


Chiricahua (cheer-i-ca-wa)

Fort Bowie (boo-ee, NOT bow-ee)

Saguaro (suh-war-o)

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