Recruiting Travel Season Kicks Off: this CA, HI, and Southwest Recruiter hits the road

That's right folks. This weekend marks the travel season kick off. As the majority of you guys are hitting the classrooms your faithful recruiters will be hitting the road! SCA recruiters will be traveling across the nation to connect with you ...yes ... YOU!

 And as for this CA, HI, and Southwest recruiter ... Well,  I am Oklahoma and Texas bound starting this Sunday! I will be spending the next 2 weeks in the beautiful states of Oklahoma and the great state of Texas. I could not be more excited to touch down in Oklahoma for the first time and then travel onwards to the land of cowboys and brisket! Hmmm... brisket. But mostly I’m excited to connect with you guys.

Thus I'll be visiting OU, OSU, UNT, UT-Austin, TSU- San Marcos, UT- San Antonio during those two weeks where I will be giving class presentations, holding information sessions and staffing a booth with program flyers, brochures, & cool stickers!


If you are an SCA alum … I’d love to hear about your SCA experience (you never know your experience might be apart of my next presentation). Also you are always welcome to assist with recruiting efforts while at your campus rather that’s staffing the information table or you sharing your experience with your college mates. If you are just interested in SCA … well then you have questions… and I’m the girl with the answers. And this is your opportunity to connect with me one on one to find out more details. Get all the details about the financial benefits, learn what the AmeriCorps award is and how it can be used, inquire as to what the various housing accommodations are like, inquire about the various working environments, and etc.  You are welcome to contact me for individual appointments while I’m visiting your college campus. Lastly, if you are currently serving at a site near a campus I will be visiting, well I’d love the opportunity to stop by on the weekend and hear about your time in the field, snap shots of you working (and promptly feature you in my next blog ). 

So check out the schedule below to review if we will be visiting your campus.

University of Oklahoma                                                         Aug 27

Oklahoma State University                                                   Aug 28

University of  North TX                                                          Aug 29

University of TX- Austin                                                        Aug 30- 31

Texas State University San Marcos                                      Sept 4- 5

University of Texas San Antonio                                           Sept 6-7

Northern Arizona University                                                  Sept 17- 18

Arizona State University                                                       Sept 19

Texas A&M College Station                                                  Sept 20- 21

University of Nevada Las Vegas                                            Oct 1-2

Utah State University                                                           Oct 3

University of Utah                                                                Oct 4- 5

University of Hawaii Manoa                                                   Oct 22-23

Hawaii Pacific University                                                      Oct 24

Brigham Young University                                                    Oct 25- 26

University of California San Diego                                         Nov 5

University of California Los Angeles                                      Nov 6-7

University of California Santa Barbara                                   Nov 8-9

New Mexico State University                                               Nov 12-13

University of New Mexico                                                    Nov 14- 15

Sante Fe Community College                                              Nov 16


 Find out how you can get invovled with SCA and connect at your campus by posting below!            510-821-3320

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Comment by Deanna Wyatt on September 7, 2012 at 11:20am

Great! Would love to meet up with you during my travel. It will be a blast!  Just let me know if you will be in the LA area during those dates and we can talk details. Hope you enjoyed your summer season, I can't wait to hear about your experience and of course excited to see ya again!

Comment by Anna Rivera on September 7, 2012 at 10:32am

Hey Deanna! I am finishing up my NPS Academy internship at the end of this month and will be heading back to Los Angeles. I saw that you'd be at UCLA in November, and I'm not sure if I will still be around at that time but if so, I'd love to tag along and see how you do your outreach and recruiting!

Comment by Deanna Wyatt on August 24, 2012 at 11:54am

Beth- I doubt I'll come across anything as awesome as that pork rhyme and bacon bits salad experience we had in TN... but if I do.. I will be sure to document it  and send a few pics your way

Trina- thanks. I'm excited for your upcoming travels as well. No doubt there are good adventures to be had and good people to connect with in your Great Lakes region!

Comment by Beth McCarthy on August 24, 2012 at 11:19am

Wow, your trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear stories, esp about all the awesome food you'll experience!


Comment by Trina Van Schyndel on August 24, 2012 at 10:45am

Have a great time Deanna! Enjoy the brisket!

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