Conservation Leadership Curriculum for Interns

This optional 14-week self-directed  Conservation Leadership Curriculum includes activities focused around leadership, reflection, conservation career exploration, conservation ethics, and building a relationship between interns and host site partners.

Designed as 14 self-guided "way points", you'll work through the way points in order, starting #1 the week before you set out for your SCA service and finishing #14 the week after you return home. Other than that, it’s all at your own pace.

Each way point comes with something to read, something to reflect on, and something to do. Give everything a try!

The adventure begins!

Way Point #1

Find something to read in SCA's Conservation Book Group. Muse on what it means to be a conservation leader. Step away from the chaos of planning, packing, and travel to map out what you want your SCA service to look like. Get tips for your first day. 

You've arrived...

Way Point #2

Brush up on the history of the conservation movement. Learn how to start a strong mentor/mentee relationship with your supervisor. Take our self-assessment to focus your goals. Use a training plan to take ownership of your learning from day one. 

Getting to work...

Way Point #3

Start a plan for setting and achieving your goals. Find inspiration in the possibilities of conservation careers. Learn more about land management agencies. Find joy in networking -- really!

Way Point #4

Find out your personal leadership style with the Leadership Compass. Start your Tracks project to explore dream jobs. Take a break with some videos about the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Way Point #5

Learn to communicate like a pro. Take a reading break with the Conservation Book Group. Return to the overlook to think about how it's all going. Check in on your goals plan.

You're halfway there...

Way Point #6

Read about the transition from college to work. See what SCA alumni are doing now. Try the self-transformation experiment. Make time for a mid-season goals check-in. 

Way Point #7

Explore Leave No Trace. Explore conservation career resources.  Revise your goals plan. Make time for conservation career conservations.

Way Point #8

Check out careers for idealists. Prep for your job search with an elevator speech about the type of job you’re looking for and the skills you bring. Calculate your eco-footprint. 

Way Point #9

Tips on mastering the job search. Check in with the Conservation Book Group. Reflect on what it means to be in a place. Make time for another conservation career conservation.

Starting to wrap up...

Way Point #10

Maximize social media for your job search. Reflect on what it’ll take to end well. Plan for transferring your skills for problem solving back home.

Way Point #11

Explore career resources at USA Jobs. Synthesize your dream jobs with the last steps of the Tracks Exercise. Plan for an end-of-season goals check-in. Reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Way Point #12

Reflect on how your SCA experiences has changed the way you live in the natural world. Make time for an end-of-season goals check-in. Access free career webinars through AmeriCorps Alums.

Heading home...

Way Point #13

Take another look at our conservation career resources. Share how you plan to be a conservation leader after SCA. Reflect on what it means to transfer all of what you’ve learned and experienced to your next adventure.

Continuing on...

Way Point #14

Video on opportunities with SCA. Remember the art of thank-you notes. Take one last stop at the overlook to reflect on all you’ve done and what’s next.

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Comment by Elizabeth on January 17, 2015 at 7:36pm

What kind of paperwork and things do we have to do when we first accept an internship offer with the SCA? I am very confused. I think I filled it all out, but they haven't changed the status in the get ready for service tab in my web page.

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