Time Well Spent with Chicago and Milwaukee Crews

Over the last two weeks, I visited 4 of the Summer Community Crew sites in Milwaukee, and two of the sites in Chicago. I talked about the different SCA opportunities available to both crew members and crew leaders – school-year Community Crew opportunities, National Crew opportunities, Corps projects, Internships, and other types of Leader positions. And I spent a whole day with the Little Red School House Crew here in Chicago, helping feed the animals at the nature center and helping put up part of a split-rail fence. I had a great time, and thanks so much to everyone who let me come out to their sites!

You can check out pictures from these site visits in the albums I’ve posted here. Search for Little Red School House or Sand Ridge for our Chicago sites and Alice’s Garden, Sweetwater Organics, Hunger Task Force, or Hawthorn Glen for our Milwaukee sites.

But what I really wanted to highlight was something written in one of the journals crew members keep over the summer. The author is Josh Shubert, a crew member of the Little Red School House Crew, and it’s regarding his experience with SCA:

Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Now we will most likely never meet, but you’ve honestly helped me dig my way out of a major hole in my life. First off, I appreciate the opportunity to just get out of the house and actually do something with my time. When laying down trail you can see your progress right in front of you, and that makes me feel accomplished.

Secondly, getting paid for this program has helped me more than just the amount on my paycheck. I took the money I got paid and invested it, and now because of your funding, I can already pay for a whole year of college.

And finally, I just want to ask that you keep supporting this program. Now most kids will probably just burn through their checks, but the value of just being here…they aren’t going to lose that.

Below is a picture of Josh getting ready to feed a "pinkie" (dead baby mouse) to some box turtles at the Little Red School House Nature Center!

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Comment by Beth McCarthy on August 16, 2012 at 11:01am
Awesome! The park sites in Chicago are amazing. I'm sure you had a great time visiting everyone!
Comment by Trina Van Schyndel on August 15, 2012 at 12:39pm

Haha, yeah, it was pretty touch and go for a while, but once those turtles got ahold of their morning meal, those pinkies were gone!

Comment by Mike Maher on August 15, 2012 at 12:32pm

I love the expression of the girl in the background anticipating the box turtle's encounter with "pinkie".

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