What's up with the minimum number of hours for my position?

All SCA AmeriCorps members agree to completing a minimum number of hours during their position.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. These minimum hours are assigned based on the number of weeks of your position, and can only be changed if the number of weeks of your position change.  There are some specific rules around this, so just be aware that if your dates change, your award won't necessarily.

2. The number of hours required is listed in your member agreement.  This is your contract and must complete the number listed in that agreement in order to be eligible to receive an education award at the end of your position.

3. This number is the MINIMUM that you need to complete, but you should expect to complete more.  You are not done with your position when you meet that number of hours.  You must also complete your full term of service (from your start date - end date) to be eligible for the education award.

4. If you are concerned that you will not meet your minimum number of hours during your position, talk to your advisor.  The sooner we know about your concerns, the more we can help.

5. We count up the hours that you enter in your activity logs to determine if you met your hours at the end of your position.  We also check to see if there are logs entered for your entire term (from your start date - end date) since that is also required for you to receive an education award.  Enter a zero for any days that you don't serve so that we don't think you forgot to enter a log that day.

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