Corps Team Member Background Checks

SCA values the safety of its participants and the people you serve, so a criminal history check is required before you'll be allowed to serve as an SCA Corps member. This process can feel redundant, but it is really important for your safety, and for the safety of the people you work with on a daily basis.

Background checks for SCA AmeriCorps members can be a little more complicated. More information about background checks for SCA AmeriCorps members can be found here.

Background Checks Required by SCA

  1. easyBackgound criminal history check (including 2 types of name-based background checks).
  2. Additional background checks may be required by your site. Those are managed directly with your project leader, program manager or site contact and is a separate process than what is outlined on this website.

Emails to Expect

SCA works with easyBackgrounds to run the background check. You should expect to receive emails from both SCA and easyBackgrounds.

What Action is Needed?

Criminal history checks are conducted through easyBackgrounds electronically. When they are ready to run this check, they will send you an email with a special link just for you. You will need to click that link and follow the directions. This is a pretty straight forward process, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact SCA or easyBackgrounds directly.

Please contact SCA if you need the easyBackgrounds email resent to you.

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